What We Do 

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Moving ¼ Million Tonnes of Freight

Safeguarding 6 Million People

The railways lie at the heart of Britain's community, commerce and industry. In fact, the Government's integrated transport policy promises to give them an increasing role in the life and prosperity of the nation. Over a quarter of a million tonnes of freight is moved from depots to docks and over six million people travel every day on Britain's railways.

We make sure that all this takes place within a safe and secure environment – one free from disruption and the fear of crime.

We also police sporting and major events such as football, rugby, major concerts, demonstrations, Pride events, Marathons and events in Hyde Park. A testament to this was the way we helped police the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012. There was a massive demand on our transport system throughout the Games, especially in London. With meticulous planning and by working together seamlessly, we were able to ensure that new and regular travelers felt safe and welcome.
It’s the way our Police Officers and Staff work that really sets us apart — we have a friendly, open and engaging style. We’re always looking for ways to work more effectively and deliver value for money to the public. One of the main things the public and rail operators notice is the way our people go out of their way to help anyone in distress.

We’re actively working towards creating a workforce that reflects the communities we serve and is a place where people feel valued and respected. Furthermore, valuing diversity and promoting equal opportunities is at the heart of our vision, mission and values. BTP strive to recruit the best calibre people with the best possible attitude.