Application Process

Application Stage

8 Steps

1. Await the opening of the Recruitment window.

2.Find the Police Officer opportunity in the right location.

3. Complete and submit the online application.

4. Select ‘Apply’ at the bottom.

5. Your application will be reviewed and assessed. Your application will initially be screened to ensure that you meet the minimum eligibility requirements. Once this has been satisfied the information you have provided in the application form will be assessed as follows:

Written Communication :A high standard of written communication skills are a pre-requisite to working as a PC. If your application form contains an unreasonable number of spelling or grammatical errors then your application will be unsuccessful.

Competency Based Question Scoring (CBQ) As part of the application process we are looking for evidence of the qualities you have to enable you to carry out the role of a PC. The application form asks you to provide specific examples of what you did or said in a range of different situations. The answers you provide enable us to assess your application against the Police Professional Framework.

6. If you’re successful, you will be invited to an assessment centre at our Force Learning and Development Centre in London, where you will take part in:

  • Competency based interview
  • Fitness test
  • Testing, which will include verbal reasoning, numerical computation and an observation test.

7. If you meet our high standards, you will then receive a conditional offer.  Once you have completed and submitted the relevant forms we will start your Pre-Employment checks including a medical, employment references and vetting. 

There are two types of vetting procedures in operation:

  • Force Vetting – Baseline Vetting, Management Vetting and Non-Police Personnel Vetting
  • National Security Vetting – Counter Terrorist Check, Security Check and Developed Vetting (National Security Vetting is underpinned by Force Vetting)

The departments that require national security vetting are our Technology, Information Management Team, Corporate Resources, Intel bureaus and Covert units. This is frequently being re-assessed.

8. If you pass all our checks, you’ll receive a formal offer and a start date. (Please note BTP have an upper age limit of 57 on appointments for Police Officers)