Police Officer

£20,369 - £23,585 Starting Salary (Depending on previous experience)

£2,444 London Weighting and London Allowance £4,338 (Where applicable)

22 Days Holiday

Our officers see policing as more than a job; it's their vocation. It means that you’re passionate about giving back to your community, true public service, helping others and you have a strong sense of right and wrong.

The environment that we police is unique to our Force. Our communities are transient and cover the entire country, which means that we aren’t restricted by county lines like other Forces.

At times you’ll be working in one of the busiest environments that you can imagine – a station in a major city during morning rush hour, or after a football match means thousands of people rushing around, noisy trains, and the opportunity for crimes to be committed. At other times, particularly if you’re stationed in one of our more remote locations, you may be working on your own much of the time.

Wherever your shift takes you, you’ll be involved in new initiatives, experience a wide variety situations and people, and be recognised for your hard work. You’ll have continual opportunities to excel through training, promotions, and secondments both internally and externally to the Force.

Rest assured you will be thoroughly trained on how to deal with the challenges of policing, which will really build upon your confidence, natural ability and enthusiasm.

In return, you will:

  • Have a rewarding job where no two days are ever the same
  • Be constantly challenged and always learning
  • Be valued for your contribution to your community
  • Have a mentor
  • Have continual opportunities for advancement