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From Call Handlers in the Control Room to Crime Scene Examiners in the field, or even Head of Departments at Force Headquarters (FHQ), behind the scenes we provide an exceptional service every day to ensure everything runs smoothly. We’re always on the lookout for people who share our drive for success. These positions are based across the UK, specifically at FHQ and Area HQs.

We have a range of police staff roles and departments across the force which include:


Control Rooms and Contact Management :

Contact Management for the British Transport Police Force deals with circa 750,000 telephone calls per year from the Rail Industry and the public. 

The two Force Control rooms in London and Birmingham provide the dispatch of deployable resources to incidents upon the Network via the Command and Control system across England, Scotland and Wales.  The Control Rooms also deal with Emergency call handling for the Force.

All non emergency contacts via telephone, texts, e-mails and Twitter plus crime recording are dealt with by the Crime Recording Centre and the First Contact Centre based in Cardiff and Birmingham respectively. 

Example Roles: Communications Officer, Call Handler, Communications Officer Supervisor, Social Media Contact Handler.


Duty Management and Events

BTP is responsible for thousands of events up and down the country every year. This could be everything from training events to international sporting events, like the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012.

The events we hold within the community are vital to our success. The hundreds of small events we hold every month help us to tackle the issues concerning the local community. These all add up to make a massive difference.

Overall, we’re here for support, planning expertise and to help make sure every event is safe and secure.

Example Roles: Duty Manager, Duty Planning Officer, Events Planning Officer.


Finance and Procurement

Our Finance and Procurement team handle the finance and the invitation to tender of third party contracts and provide contractual advice for over 4,500 people, across 3 areas and an organisation that spans the entire UK.

Procurement are responsible for tenders and the formation of contracts in purchasing a diverse range of goods, works and services, all whilst making sure that our commercial and legal interests are protected in business transactions. The Finance Departments ensure that BTP’s budget is accurate, that spend is monitored against the budget during the year and the financial accounts receive a true and fair view from our auditors.

Example Roles: Procurement Analyst, Buyer, Procurement Manager, Finance Manager, Management Accountant.


Human Resources (HR)

HR makes sure that the best people management practices are followed for recruitment, training and development, diversity, health and safety, performance and assessment. Our corporate HR functions are located at our HR Business Centre in Birmingham.

Each of the HR directorates in London and Birmingham is led by a HR Manager who implements new initiatives, ensures consistency in HR advice provided as well as managing any risks on behalf of the force.

Example Roles: HR Manager, HR Advisor, Recruitment Advisor, HR Business Support Officer.


Media and Marketing

Our media managers and press officers work with our communication centre’s to provide a news and press enquiries service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For a breaking story we can give factual information about incidents as they unfold. We also have press offices located around the country to provide a local service.

Our marketing team controls and monitors our corporate identity and creates all of our marketing campaigns and websites, as well as managing our social media outlets. Follow us on:

Find out more at:

Example Roles: Media and Marketing Manager, Press Officer, Web/Social Media Executive.


Operational Support

This department covers a wide range of areas including trained dogs and handlers; the Counter Terrorism Support Unit (CTSU) which holds the force-wide portfolio for counter terrorism policy and strategy; and the Specialist Unit which is responsible for investigating serious crime such as burglaries, robberies, serious assaults and fraud.

Example Roles: Dog Trainer, CCTV Operator.


Professional Standards Department (PSD)

One of our key values is ensuring the integrity of our Force. This is maintained through openness, honesty and maintaining the highest professional standards. PSD deals with all public complaints and assigns an investigating officer, or in less serious cases, refers the matter to the local police operational area to deal with appropriately. In certain cases, they are referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), which may decide to investigate it themselves.

Example Roles: Intelligence Analyst, Investigator.


Scientific Support Unit (SSU)

Our SSU uses cutting edge technology to recover and examine forensic evidence collected at the scene of a crime, fatality or incident to help piece together what happened. We examine all of the forensic evidence to the highest standards for the whole of the UK.

Example Roles: Crime Scene Examiners.


Strategic Development

We work in close partnership with the Senior Leadership team, the rail industry and passenger groups.

We analyse and formulate the best ways to:

  • Retain our frontline capacity whilst making sustainable cashable savings
  • Ensure all warranted officers are deployed to operational duty
  • Streamline management levels
  • Modernise our workforce
  • Reduce our estate
  • Develop our resource planning so that we can re-distribute our staff to effectively manage the increased demand for our services

Example Roles: Crime Auditor, Business Support Officer.



The Technology Department within BTP comprises 72 members of staff across 9 specialist teams providing a mix of day to day support and delivering new projects and capabilities.  The Service Desk handles in excess of 3,000 calls per month and distributes incidents and tasks to the other teams including Desktop and Mobile Support, Business Applications Support, Networking and Server Support, Communications (covering Voice telecoms and Airwave), Mapping Systems, Intranet and Internet, Business Intelligence systems and a Project Delivery team. 

The Department is shortly to publish a new ICT Strategy for the Force which will outline an ambitious programme of core system replacements and new capabilities to be delivered over the next 5 years.  The focus for 2013-14 will be on infrastructure renewal, and will seek to replace the existing Force Intranet, develop and expand the existing Virtual Server capability, improve the throughput on the Force Network by introducing network optimisation tools, and upgrade the desktop environment to Windows 7/Office 2010.  The Department then plans to implement a Virtual Desktop infrastructure in 2014-15.

Example Roles:  Web Development Manager, Service Desk Team Leader, Service Desk Operative, Web Developer, Area Information Support Officer, IT Support, Programme Officers, Technology Programme Managers.