10 Weekends

Our Special Constables are usually trained over 10 weekends, attending a course every other weekend.
The training schedule that you’ll take part in will be stipulated in the vacancy advert you apply for.

All initial training will include:

Law input

  • Personal Safety Training
  • First Aid
  • Railway Byelaws
  • Track safety
  • Airwave Radio System – police radios

We’ll make sure that you have a thorough grounding in the basic aspects of police work before you can begin to carry out any police duties. You’ll also be trained in:

Police service

Powers of arrest

Common crimes

Preparing evidence for court

Forcewide IT Systems Training (National Intelligence Model and Force Intelligence System)

Once you’ve completed all of this training, you’ll have the same powers as a regular Officer and wear the same uniform. Your training is just as vital as that of Police Officers, so your operational training will be ongoing.