Promotion Opportunities

Police Officer

After you’ve successfully completed your two year probationary period you’ll be able to aim to be the best of the best by joining one of our 21 Specialist Units.

To help you progress through the ranks we’ll support you through exams (known as OSPRE) so you can progress to sergeant and inspector. Our career development team will prepare you for these and help you to access the financial support you need.


Our Sergeants use their specialist skills to help their team to deal with their challenging case load from our transient and an ever-changing community. You’ll be able to allocate and support around 200 open cases across a team of up to 20 talented and determined Officers.

You’ll have access to our Core Leadership Development Programme which helps officers, sergeants and inspectors who have passed their OSPRE Part 1 and hold a supervisory/managerial role to develop leadership skills. This programme will support you in a role here and can help prepare you for your next opportunity.

Detective Sergeant

Our detective sergeants lead their team by example. You could be dealing with over 100 complex and serious open cases. You’ll manage them through a team of between 10 and 25 talented officers. A wealth of experience and advice, you’ll advise how they should tackle individual investigations.


Our inspectors take responsibility for an entire shift. Your role will be as varied as that of your officers. You’ll check every incident that occurs on area and ensure suitable action has been taken, deploy resources, attend meetings and briefings, monitor performance, and events planning – to name a few.

Chief Inspector

Our Chief Inspectors are senior police officers responsible for leadership, management and tactical delivery of the organisations strategy. Areas of responsibility include staff, specialist units, assets and premises, as well as budget management.