Support Groups


10 Support Groups


Our support groups have been set up to make sure that the views and needs of our employees are fully represented and most importantly, ensure that these are appropriately addressed and acted upon.

We value the importance of working closely with our wide range of support groups. Our collaborative approach allows us all to benefit from their specialist knowledge and expertise, so that we can fully embrace diversity. This way our policies and procedures are fully inclusive.

Association of Muslim Police (AMP)

AMP is a support, advice and network group open to all BTP employees, aiming to provide support to both Muslim and Non-Muslim officers and staff on Islamic issues.

AMP aspires to raise awareness and understanding of Islamic issues throughout the force, highlighting areas of concern, provide advice and guidance on policies and procedures and encourage positive attitudes towards Islam.

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British Association for Women in Policing (BAWP)

BAWP enhances the role and understanding of the specific needs of women working within the police service. BAWP is a national group with membership open to men and women of all ranks and grades across the police service and associated organisations.

Christian Police Association (CPA)

Formed in 1883, the CPA is a national organisation that has branches in most forces across the UK, including BTP. Their aim is to promote and foster friendship amongst Christian officers and staff.

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Disability Equality Support Association (DESA)

DESA was set up to provide support and advice to officers and staff who have a disability, who have caring responsibilities for someone with a disability or for anyone who has an interest in disability issues. Membership is open to all our people.

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Female Police Association

The FPA aims are to emphasise and enhance the role of women within BTP. They help raise awareness and understanding of issues affecting women within the force, recognise potential and build confidence through personal development.

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LINK provides support services on local and national issues for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people. Membership is open to all our people.

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National Black Police Association (NBPA)

The NBPA seeks to highlight issues facing black staff and to help those in need of support by lending a listening ear and giving advice.

National Trans Police Association

The NTPA exists to provide support to serving and retired Police Officers, Staff and Special Constables with any gender identify issue including, but not exclusively, people who identify as ‘Transgender’, Androgyne or Intersex.

SAME (Support Association (for) Minority Ethnic (Staff)

SAME aims to improve the working environment for everyone including those from ethnic minority backgrounds. They operate on a local and national level to raise awareness and understanding throughout the force.  If you would like further information you can email us on


This list is not exhaustive and the diversity team are continuously working to ensure that we have a range of support groups that represent the needs of officers and staff throughout the force.