A day in the life:  Detective Sergeant

Name: John Atkins

Location: London South

Role: Detective Sergeant in the Crime Action Team

I work as a supervisor in the London South crime action team. This is probably one of the busiest offices in the BTP.

We have 400 active jobs divided between 14 officers. I have to decide which jobs each officer will deal with and advise them of how to tackle each investigation.

I came to BTP from Kent Police and already had many of the skills I needed to do the job, but BTP has provided me with all the support and training that I needed to progress.

I had always wanted to pursue a career in the police and at 17 I became a police cadet. I always liked the idea of working in a varied and exciting job which dealt with people.

"BTP values the differences each officer or member of staff brings to the organisation"

I don't think I had any prior perceptions about working for the police, if anything I have always been encouraged that the vast majority of colleagues I have worked with over the years have always wanted to do the very best for the victim and catch the offender.

Having spent considerable time with Kent Police I decided that I needed to broaden my horizons and in 2000 I transferred to BTP.

My friends and family were supportive of my decision to work for BTP and they have gained a wider understanding of the extent of what we do at BTP.

BTP encourages officers to overcome barriers and they’re happy for officers to express their faith. I regularly contribute to a Christian Thought for the Month article which appears on the force intranet. I also share the responsibility of speaking to student officers about the Christian Police Association and what it means to be a Christian in the police.

BTP has also supported the CPA running an Alpha Course at Force Headquarters during lunch hours.

BTP values the differences each officer or member of staff brings to the organisation, acknowledging that each of us represents the community we seek to police.