A day in the life: Inspector

Name: Adeba Jama

Location: Force Control Room - Birmingham

Role:  Inspector

I’ve been with BTP for 10 years and have been promoted to inspector. I am one of the six inspectors working at BTP's centralised control room for the outer London Areas.

My day-to-day activities include the management of the police response to incidents, commanding and controlling incidents and resources, monitoring performance, and the supervision and management of the control room staff.

I was supported throughout my promotion to sergeant and inspector with courses funded by BTP. I have also received courses and refresher training all relevant to the various roles I have held over the last 10 years, from an ABE course (vulnerable victims) to a search course.

Like many others it was a childhood ambition to join the police. Initially, I followed a very different career path but decided to join to satisfy my ambition and never looked back.

I started with mixed reactions from friends and family. My immediate family and friends, as ever, have been wonderfully supportive. However others were surprised or even shocked, but now I like to think that it's not that unusual when, as an Asian female, I announce I am a police officer.

Although BTP is a national force, it has a very friendly team spirit. I’ve had the opportunity to work all over the country, on football escorts, PSU (Police Support Units) deployments or, more recently, secondments in London.

BTP has really embraced diversity into every element of policing, from training through to development and I think the support I’ve been shown is an example of this.

Everyone has something to offer to make BTP a better force.