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Our locations are made up of our Force Headquarters (FHQ) in London and divisions representing three nations (England, Scotland and Wales) and policing specialisms. Wherever you find yourself, you’ll enjoy a culture that gets the best out of you.

A Division

Our staff who fall under A Division are based in various locations throughout England, Scotland and Wales and includes employees who are working from home. A division also includes our Force Headquarters which are based in Camden Town, London.

This division is made up of specialist departments which support the Force including Finance, Human Resources, Technology, Justice and Public Contact, Intelligence, Forensics, CCTV, Digital Policing and more.


B Division

B Division covers the geographical areas of London and the South East of England. It accounts for the majority of passenger journeys in Britain across East Anglia, the south coast and the capital - including London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, Emirates Cable Car and Tramlink. It includes the policing of major transport hubs such as Waterloo, Victoria and Kings Cross St Pancras, which has an international border.


C Division

This is the largest of the Divisions, incorporating the Pennine, Midland, Western and Wales Sub-Divisions and it includes the policing of major hub environments such as Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester. The Division offers a rich mix of urban and rural policing.


D Division

Working under Scottish law, D Division police a large geographical area, from the borders to Thurso at the far tip of the north east of Scotland. They are responsible for the policing of 359 railway stations.
The northern terminus of Glasgow Central is the 11th busiest station in Britain and sees around 33 million passengers a year. The network from Glasgow Central is the largest suburban network outside London.


E Division

This division consists of our specialist operational teams including our police dog unit, specialist capabilities department, family liaison officers, specialist response unit and many more. Any employee who works on this division can expect an exciting and diverse working environment like no other. Similar to A division, people who fall under E division can be based at key locations across Britain.