Protect every journey

British Transport Police (BTP) keep millions of people moving safely on Britain’s rail networks every day. We support each other and help communities get to their destinations safely, no matter where they are going or why. When it comes to your career journey, we’ll do the same.

We’re not like any other Force. We are a national Force and we work in a challenging environment, which means we have specialist skills to protect our communities. Our people are trained to the highest standards to keep us one step ahead. It’s everything you would expect to experience in a police Force and much more.


protect every
daily commute
great day out
long awaited visit
first date
early start
late-night out
family re-union
new chapter
match day
and everything
in between.

Why join us?

We’re proud to be a Force that cares about people.

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Recruiting for Diversity

Empowering each other to go far.

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