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Police Officer (Part Time)

Starting salary: £29,751 per annum, rising year-on-year to a maximum of £46,044 per annum after 5 years. (Pro Rata) 


For those working in Inner London you will receive in addition to the salary: £7,224 (£4,338 London Allowance plus £2,886 London Weighting Allowance) from day 1 of training. (Pro Rata) 


22 days holiday (Pro Rata) 



About the role

Frontline policing with us gives you opportunities like no other. Here, you’ll deal with the same cases as a Police Officer in any other Force but within a unique environment, with its own challenges.

Here with us, no two days will ever be the same. We love being able to provide the best service possible to the public and being able to adapt to lots of different scenarios and environments. Most people don’t know, but a lot of our officer time is spent dealing with vulnerability issues and supporting these, which is something we are really passionate about.

Wherever your shift takes you, you’ll be involved in new initiatives, experience a wide variety of situations and people. You’ll have continual opportunities to excel through training, promotions and attachments.

Rest assured, you’ll be fully trained on how to deal with the challenges of policing, which will really build your confidence, natural ability and enthusiasm.

Part Time

We want to be able to offer flexible working to our employees at BTP. We are launching a part time work pattern which we are beginning to offer at four of our locations in London (B Division)

The requirement to work part time is a minimum of 20 hours across a normal working week. 

The roster (working hours) will be discussed on a case by case basis with consideration given to both operational requirements and individual's requirements.

The locations we are currently starting part time in London are the following: 

  • Kings Cross
  • Victoria
  • Finsbury Park
  • Albany House

In return, you’ll:

  • Have a rewarding job where no two days are ever the same
  • Be constantly challenged and always learning new skills
  • Be valued for making a positive impact on your community
  • Have a tutor and continual opportunities for advancement
  • Enjoy a great working culture with friendly people who are supportive throughout your career journey.


Positive action

At BTP we are proud guardians of the railway and it is crucial that we represent the diverse communities we serve and protect. As ‘One BTP’ across the UK, we know that diversity, inclusion and belonging help us improve our decision making, foster creativity and drive innovation so all our people can thrive.

Our vacancies are open to everyone and all appointments are made based on merit. So that we can become more diverse we encourage applications from candidates from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic backgrounds, women, people who have a disability, those who are neurodiverse and persons who identify as LGBTQI+. We use positive action to encourage potential candidates from underrepresented groups through targeted workshops or advice sessions. If you have the skills, experience and values that here in BTP we pride ourselves on then we would welcome you to apply.

For more information on Positive Action please click here or email the team on


We Are BTP


We’re passionate about recognising and rewarding those who help us protect every journey. It’s you who makes the difference, so our benefits are designed with you in mind. Take a look at what’s on offer:



We offer a generous pension to our employees. For further information, please contact our Pensions Manager at


Blue Light card

A Blue Light Card costs £4.99 for two years and gives you access to a range of discounts, both online and on the high street


Annual leave

Police Officers are entitled to 22 days annual leave rising to 25 days annual leave after two years’ service (maximum of 30 days annual leave with 20 years’ service).


Maternity, paternity and adoption leave

26 weeks full pay maternity and adoption leave after a qualifying period. Paid paternity leave.


Transport Benevolent Fund

A charity to support employees in the public transport industry for a small monthly payment.


Cycle to work scheme

You’ll have the opportunity to hire a bicycle from us to cycle to work and you won’t pay national insurance or tax contributions on what you spend up to £1,000.


Travel on duty

All Police Officers and Special Constables are entitled to free travel on all National Rail services when on duty, whether or not they are in uniform. Entitlement to travel is granted by the warrant card which must be shown on request, even if wearing BTP uniform.


Oyster cards

Issued to Police Officers and Special Constables in London for duty, travel to and from work and leisure

Not valid on National Rail Services (TfL services only)
London Ferry Bus Service (Clipper services) and Emirates excluded.



Subject to eligibility, police officers can apply for a residential pass or privilege season ticket for rail travel between their home and principal work location.  Police staff may be eligible to apply for an interest free annual season ticket loan which is repayable by ten equal instalments through your salary.

Health and wellbeing benefits


Employee assistance

BTP’s employee assistance programme is a free, confidential service which supports our employees in resolving personal problems and improving their overall wellbeing.


Wellbeing hub

Internal knowledge hub containing news, information and resources on a variety of topics, wellbeing events and details of all our support services.


Private medical healthcare

Private health insurance is available to Superintendents and Police staff in grades C003 and C004 and above and their families.


Eye care provision

Computer users are entitled to eye care examinations and glasses paid for by BTP.


CSSC Sports and Leisure

A not-for-profit organisation positively promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace.



Preferential rates from Police Mutual available.


Armed Forces Covenant

We are silver accredited under the Armed Forces Covenant and we support Territorial forces reservists, including paid time off to participate in training.


We need people who are self-motivated with excellent communication skills, a passion for serving the public and the willingness to work hard to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for this challenging but critical role.

Our training will build on your confidence, skills and life experience to give you the best start in your career. Police Officers who are on a part time working pattern would complete 30 weeks of initial training which would run for 30 weeks. This would run on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Approximately a third of the programme will be run remotely where candidates can continue their training from home/local workspaces, however exact details of this would be confirmed nearer the time.

Our training is based on the principles of knowledge, understanding, skill, attitude and behaviour.

During the course you’ll:

  • Be continually assessed through your behaviours and ethical practice
  • Study a broad curriculum to equip you with the required knowledge and skills
  • Complete regular assessments on both theoretical knowledge and practical skills
  • Undertake realistic exercises in a simulated operational environment
  • Need to pass all mandatory training, such as Personal Safety Training, Track Safety and First Aid covered within the course
  • Learn how to use our technology and systems to allow you to fulfil the full remit of your role
  • Participate in regular uniform parades and formal inspections by senior officers.

During your first week, you will need to pass the ‘Job-related fitness test’. This involves you running to a 15-metre bleep test to a minimum standard of level 5.4. You will also have to pass the test again at the outset of your Personal Safety Training module.

Once you complete your initial 30 weeks training (plus two weeks of allocated annual leave) you will have an eight-week tutor period where you will work with a trained Tutor Constable. During this time, you will be given guidance and support to help you put your knowledge and skills into practice. You will be then assessed for your suitability to patrol independently.

For Police Officers joining us in Scotland, your training will be slightly different. You will undertake a two-year Modern Apprenticeship programme to attain a Level 7 SCQF (Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework) Certificate in Policing which starts with your initial 12-week training course at the Scottish Police College. Your training continues with four weeks of local training before you are deployed as a Police Officer to complete work-based learning.

Your initial training covers the below topics and your behaviours and performance are measured against the Competency Value Framework (CVF) throughout:

  • Scots Criminal Law: Police Powers and Principles of Evidence
  • Scots Criminal Law: Introduction and Investigation
  • Health and Wellbeing for Police Officers
  • Protection and Wellbeing
  • General Police Duties
  • Search Training
  • Roads Policing
  • Railway Policing
  • Personal Track Safety
  • First Aid
  • Personal Safety Training

You will be supported through this two-year probation by regional training staff, first line management and a tutor Constable. During which, you will undergo fitness tests of level 5.4 on the bleep test, an oral exam and an open distance learning exam while developing your competency in key sills and completing an evidence portfolio based on the CVF.

The Application Process


Your application will initially be screened to ensure that you meet the minimum eligibility requirements. Once this has been satisfied, the information you have provided in the application form will be assessed.


A high standard of written communication skills are a requirement to working with us. If your application form contains an unreasonable number of spelling or grammatical errors, then your application will be unsuccessful.


We’re looking for evidence of the qualities you have to enable you to carry out your role and the rationale for wanting to join BTP. If your application is successful, you’ll be invited to take online tests covering word usage and numerical reasoning.


Stage One Assessment Centre 

Once you have successfully completed the online tests, you’ll be invited to attend the first stage of our assessment centre. The day comprises of:

  • A one-hour competency-based interview and presentation

We’re looking for evidence of the qualities you have to enable you to carry out your role. We’ll assess your assessment centre answers against the Competency and values framework (CVF) 

More information on the CVF can be found here.

Stage Two Assessment Centre 

  • A Job-Related Fitness Test (JRFT) – a beep test to level 5.4
  • Uniform measurements

You’ll also have samples taken (mouth swab and fingerprints) for the purpose of biometric vetting.


Once you have been given a conditional offer, you will go through the full vetting process. This will include employment reference checks as well as our own baseline vetting. You’ll receive your offer letter or contract once these security checks have been successfully completed.


You’ll also be asked to attend a comprehensive medical assessment, which will be conducted by a doctor or registered nurse. The medical assessment is thorough and includes checks of your eyesight, hearing, blood pressure and body mass This will help us to determine whether or not you have the level of health that is required for the role. You will also be required to pass a drugs and alcohol test.


We understand that it's only natural to want to prepare for the recruitment process to be an officer with us. To support you through both your application and subsequent assessment centre, we occasionally hold application and assessment centre workshops.



Before you make the decision to apply, you’ll need to make sure that you meet our eligibility criteria.


It’s important that our employees provide the best possible service with the full confidence of the public they serve. That’s why every potential employee goes through a thorough vetting check as part of the application process.

Right to work in the UK

To join us, you must have the permanent right to live and work in the UK without any restrictions.


As a minimum, all applicants must have been resident in the UK for the last 3 years. This is required to ensure we can conduct adequate vetting checks and this applies equally to all applicants, regardless of nationality.


You must be a minimum of 18 years old to start employment with us. 

Convictions and cautions

You will not be eligible to apply if you have ever received a prison sentence.

All other cautions, convictions and involvement with the police must be declared during the vetting process. This will not necessarily result in your application being withdrawn, as all applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Financial position

As part of your checks we will verify your financial position. Employees hold a privileged position and have access to a range of sensitive and valuable information. Potentially, this means employees are a heightened risk of being vulnerable to corruption. This means, applicants must to be free from the pressure of undischarged debts or liabilities and to be able to manage loans and debts sensibly.


Tattoos are not acceptable if:

  • They are on your face
  • Above the collar line on the front or side of your neck,
  • Are large on the back of your neck and cannot be easily covered
  • They could be considered in any way offensive, regardless of their location.

Visible tattoos are permissible on other areas of the body including hands, arms, legs, feet and on the back of the neck (providing the tattoo is discreet and behind the ear lobe).

Discreet tattoos on the ear are also considered acceptable. Consideration will be given to tattoos on the face that were necessary following medical procedures or for cosmetic procedures e.g. eyebrows.

You are encouraged to contact the recruitment team if you are at all unsure about your tattoos and we will advise you wherever possible.

You can do this by emailing us.

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Inappropriate associations

You have to be able to conduct your role and responsibilities impartially and effectively. This means if you are currently, or have even been, associated with any group, society or individuals that could reasonably represent a conflict of interest, then you will not be eligible to apply.

HM Forces

Due to the timescales of our recruitment process, applications from service personnel will only be accepted if you have 12 months or less to serve before being discharged. You will need to attach with your application confirmation of your projected date of discharge. (e.g. a letter from your Commanding officer).

Education and skills

If you hold Maths and English Level 2 qualifications, as a minimum; then you do not have to complete the tests stated below; but you will need to provide the certificates for the Recruitment team to review.

  • GCSE Grade C/Level 4 or above in Maths and English.
  • Functional Skills Level 2 in Numeracy/Literacy
  • Scottish Qualifications accepted: SCQF Level 5, Intermediate 2 at level 5 or Standard Grade (with credit) – achieved at the correct grading in Maths and English.

Copies of relevant qualification certificates must be enclosed via the above link. Qualifications in other subjects are not accepted, irrespective of the level of qualification held.

If you have English and Maths at a higher qualification level those will also be accepted. You will be required to provide certification to evidence attainment of those qualifications to the required standard via the above link. A full list of qualifications accepted are available in the Apprenticeship Standards for English and Maths guidance on GOV.UK. You should specifically refer to ‘Level 3 Apprenticeships’ which covers the requirements for Level 3 apprenticeships/diplomas and above.

Business interests

You will need to declare any other employment or business interest you have and intend to maintain so that this can be reviewed to ensure no conflict of interest with the police.

You will not normally be eligible for appointment as a Police Officer or PCSO if you hold any office or employment for hire or gain, or if you carry on any business in addition to being a Police Officer or PCSO.

Health and medical

Our employees may encounter situations that can be stressful, traumatic and at times, physically confrontational. Our people can work long hours and cover rotating shifts, so the role can be physically and mentally demanding. Therefore, it is important our employees are in good health to be able to undertake their duties safely.

To ensure we can support our employees’ wellbeing, we’ll ask you to provide relevant details of your health and medical history in accordance with any questions we have to ask during the application process.

Application Requiring Reasonable Adjustments

British Transport Police is committed to improving inclusivity, accessibility and employment opportunities throughout our organisation. We welcome applicants to share any specific needs or requirements with us throughout both the recruitment process and in the workplace. We will make reasonable adjustments where possible if this highlighted within your application.

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