5 Ways To Join

Police Officer

Together we protect six million people every day on and around 10,000 miles of track across the country. At the frontline of BTP, this opportunity is like no other. Here, you’ll deal with the same cases as a Police Officer in any other Force but within a unique environment with a unique set of challenges.

Transferee and Rejoiners

At BTP you’ll find a wide range of career opportunities, specialist posts and promotion prospects. We’re a specialist, national Force, one where our officers are valued as individuals.

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)

Our PCSOs play a crucial role across our Force. You’ll be dealing with and getting to know the public on a daily basis, providing help and assistance to the community.

Special Constable

Our Special Constables help to increase our uniform presence at main line stations and on the London Underground network. You’ll work alongside Regular Officers and have the same powers, for at least four hours a week.

Police Staff

Creative and pro-active, police staff roles are as varied as they are vital. Our departments range from People and Development, Information & Business Services and  Finance & Procurement across to Media and Marketing and Control Room services.