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Positive action

Empowering each other to go far

We’re passionate about reflecting the communities we serve and wholeheartedly believe that valuing different perspectives is what makes us stronger.

‘Positive action’ is the term for initiatives we put in place to help people from under-represented backgrounds become and succeed as Police Officers, PCSOs and Specials. This can be holding workshops to dispel myths about policing or providing a mentor for new recruits to help build their confidence.

We’ve made great strides in promoting a more inclusive workforce and whilst we have the second highest proportion of ethnic minority officers throughout the country, this is about so much more than quotas and stats and we recognise that there is always the opportunity to do more.

Why are we taking positive action?

Diversity matters. Diversity helps us to build bridges between the police and groups who traditionally feel disconnected from us. We understand we need to do all we can to help build public trust and confidence.

That’s why we hold workshops aimed at ethnic minority and female candidates, to dispel common myths about policing. These are designed to give candidates a good idea of what to expect from the job and the recruitment process, to help them feel confident to apply. Should these candidates fall out of the process, we may contact them to understand why and, where possible, provide constructive feedback to enable them to reapply in the future.

Opportunities are for everyone.

Regardless of backgrounds or characteristics, everyone has to meet the same rigorous standards and every application, test and interview is scored on its own individual merit.

Positive action is about being inclusive and not excluding anyone from a future career in policing. We still have a long way to go, but we’re committed to creating a diverse, inclusive and progressive workplace. It’s this belief that brings out the best in each and every one of us.



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